Who am I and why am I running?

I am a father, student, worker, and a community organizer and volunteer. The requirements and responsibilities of each of these roles are vast. I have the insight, patience, and empathy necessary for the job. I am the person to bring the fresh outlook and new solutions to old city politics that we so desperately need.

As a father, making ends meet and putting food on the table is an ever-present worry and responsibility, one in which failure is not an option.

As a college student I have firsthand knowledge of Redding’s lack of educational and employment opportunities. These challenges may very well force my own children to leave town in search of a brighter future, as many of my childhood friends did.

As a worker I understand the strain each of our workers and employees experience — especially at this scary and uncertain time, when many are required to put their very lives at risk every day for far too little appreciation and compensation.

As a community organizer and volunteer I encounter some of the unnecessary conditions that we’re all forced to deal with: streets riddled with potholes, an extremely limited public transportation system, homelessness, underemployment, racism, and criminal justice inequity. I also regularly witness good, hard-working people struggling to lift themselves out of poverty only to face barrier after barrier, from stagnant wages to absurdly high rent prices to minimal opportunities.

I am running for city council to replace these dark narratives with people-powered solutions to improve Redding’s future.

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