David Robbins for Redding City Council

All Power to the People!

Greetings Fellow Workers!

For too long the narrative in our community has focused solely on the needs of the business class, while more than half of all other residents are struggling just to maintain their position on or around the poverty line. Too many of us are living paycheck to paycheck, stuck in unaffordable housing situations, one small crisis away from homelessness with no foreseeable way out.
This is unacceptable. The people have spoken and now is the time for everyone to have a voice in community politics. If elected I will advocate and fight for all of Redding, not just the few.

“I am for Socialism because I am for humanity. We have been cursed with the reign of gold long enough. Money constitutes no proper basis of civilization. The time has come to regenerate society – we are on the eve of universal change”.

Eugene V. Debs